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What is fit track? How does the Fit Track scale work?

Written by Jeffery Hartman

FitTrack now has a scale called Dara Scale.  It is revolutionary in technology and health.  It is a scale that allows you to not only look at your physical weight but allows you to look inside your body.  They are saying it is like having a free physical examination in the comfort of your own home. Everyone thinks that they know what is good for your body but they only see what the outside looks like.  


We all know when we are getting fatter, heavier, stronger, weaker, skinnier etc… but we don’t always know what the root causes of it is.  What is even worse is when you appear thinner but developing under the skin you can find excessive deposits of internal fats which experts say can lead to type two diabetes, heart disease or are insulin resistant.


In order to truly understand and monitor your physical health, in the past we would have to visit the doctor every other day or pay $800+ for a medical scale.  However, it is now possible to “see inside your body” and track vital health signals yourself in your own home. It is thanks to FitTrack, it may happen to look more stylish then older models of scales but it is a revolutionary home wellness scale.  


FitTrack in short is the world’s smallest scale which has a patented dual BIA technology.  It can monitor 17 key health insights simply by stepping onto the scale with your bare feet and it activates allowing you to measure, track and trend your health data in real time.  In other words it is taking a free physical examination at your home whenever you want to.


It is incredibly easy to use FitTrack.  

  1. You will need to download the free FitTrack app to your smart phone.
  2. Step up on the scale with your bare feet.  By using your bare feet on the dual BIA technology it goes to work immediately and reads the electrical signals that naturally occur in your body.
  3. Then you can begin to view instantly 17 different key health insights.  Also, you can review these any time you would like.


Currently, after its recent launch, more than 120,000 people are already using FitTrack on a regular basis.  FitTrack includes all sorts of fascinating information and finds itself highly useful. It can track the following:

Weight Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Fat Ratio (BFR) Muscle Ratio

Percentage of Body Water Bone Mass

Base Metabolic Rate (BMR) Protein Rate

Metabolic Age Visceral Fat Index

Subcutaneous Fat Standard Weight

Weight Control Fat Mass

Weight Without Fat Muscle Mass

Protein Mass Obesity Level


With all this information that is collected it is still the most popular for weight loss with FitTrack.  With 120,000+ active users around the world, they have successfully collected over 1 million pounds. The reason for this weight loss is the Fit Track App allows you to set goals and then it will give you direct feedback on things you try.  


With FitTrack, anything is possible.  It is extremely simple to allow you to watch yourself get healthier.  This gives you confidence and increases the chances that you will stick with your diet and exercise routines.  FitTrack isn’t only for losing weight though. The entire family can benefit from using FitTrack offering unique insights for all family members individually.


FitTrack’s metabolic age feature will provide you with information if your body is aging faster or slower than it should be.  If you are currently on a diet, you will want to track your protein rate to ensure your body is getting sufficient nutrition. Maybe you are trying to cut down on your belly fat, then you will want to pay attention to the Visceral Fat Index.  You will discover all sorts of ways to improve your health that go far beyond weight and seeing those results in real time, while building confidence all along the way. FitTrack makes all this information extremely easy to access and monitor overtime without expensive equipment. 


Whether you are on a diet, have a growing family or simply want to know more about your body’s vital health signs then you will love FitTrack.  Young or Old, no matter your gender, we all need to learn more about our health and body. Now with FitTrack it can become both possible and affordable.  They also have a watch that can track your minute by minute, hour by hour health and fitness.


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