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Alexa Assistant by Amazon

Written by Jeffery Hartman

Based Assistant by Amazon, Alexa has been given a voice lift by adding a long-form speaking style. “Powered by a deep-learning text-to-speech model” amazon says that this allows Alexa to speak with a more natural speech with conversational pauses.


Amazon has added new skills for Polly

Amazon Polly has added new speaking styles

Amazon’s Alexa, unfortunately only available in the United States (US), has a 

new long-form speaking style.


Amazon has introduced new speaking styles for Alexa along with having also added some speaking styles for other Artificial Intelligence voices, so Amazon said.  The long form speaking style is only available for US developers currently who want a reading voice that sounds more natural when reading long content like articles or podcasts.


Following last year’s release of new speaking styles for news and music content, it allows Alexa to seem “disappointed” or “excited”.  Now with this voice lift Amazon says that the long-form style is “powered by a deep-learning text-to-speech model,” that allows Alexa voiced devices to speak more naturally with more conversational pauses making it seem more authentic.


The article for developers says, “You can use this speaking style for customers who want to have the content on a web page read to them or listen to a storytelling section of a game”.


Speaking styles for both Matthew and Joanna voices from Amazon Polly has also added news and conversational speaking styles, per the multinational tech company.  Its neural network-based text-to-speech AWS service, and will be adding its news speaking style to Lupe, its US Spanish voice.


The article also notes, “The news speaking style makes the Matthew, Joanna and Lupe voices sound similar to what you hear from TV news anchors and radio hosts, while conversational speaking style makes the Matthew and Joanna voices sound less formal and as if they are speaking to friends and/or family.  The conversational speaking style is also only available in select Polly voices and not Alexa’s voice.’


The new voices are available in six new languages (es-US, es-MX, fr-CA, pt-BR, es-ES, and it-IT).  Polly’s speaking style voices and 10 new Polly voices are also for developers to build further skills for Alexa.

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