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Amazon’s personal assistant ” Alexa “

Written by Jeffery Hartman

Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa is a virtual assistant AI technology that was developed by Amazon.  It was the first used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers by AmazonLab126. This technology can do several things by voice interaction such as;

Amazon’s personal assistant

Music Playback

making to-do lists

setting alarms

streaming podcasts

playing audio books

providing weather

providing traffic information

providing sports

providing news

turning lights on and off

dimming lights

many other real-time information


Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system.  To extend the Alexa capabilities the user(s) can install “skill” and other apps. Amazon launched many other new devices in September 2019 to achieve many records while competing with the world’s smart home industry.


Alexa is currently available in several different languages including:









Also, available in Canada it is available in French and English (with 

the Quebec Accent)

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