IPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max

Written by Jeffery Hartman

So you are wondering what iPhone 11 is best for you.  What we see here is basically the same formula that they had for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.  This being said the only difference, other than approximately $300 to $400 extra, is the display, camera, battery, a little extra water resistance and a better charger.  Along with this the two iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max features stainless steel sides, while the iPhone 11 features aluminum sides. The difference in sides would make the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max to be a little more durable but they all have an all glass back with a new square camera array.  They all share the same aesthetics with a notched display. Just like last year’s models they all have the same screen and just differ in size and quality.  


With the iPhone 11 their phone size is 75.7×150.09×8.3mm and comes with a 6.1 inch Liquid Retina, (1792×828), compared to the iPhone 11 Pro with 71.4x144x8.1mm with a 5.8 inch Super Retina XDR (2436×1125) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 77.8x158x8.1mm with a 6.5 inch Super Retina XDR (2688×1242).  The difference in the quality, while the iPhone 11 is the mid sized of the iphones does not provide as vibrant of a display compared to the iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max. The iPhone 11’s rear camera has 2 cameras, camera 1 has a 12 Megapixels (MP) wide, f/1.8, OIS lens and camera 2 has 12 Megapixels (MP) ultra wide, f/2.4, 120 degree field of view (FOV) lens.  The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max has 3 Cameras. Camera 1 has a 12MP wide lens, f/1.8, OIS, Camera 2 also has 12MP telephoto, f/2.0, OIS 2x optical zoom lens. Camera 3 is a 12MP ultra wide, f/2.4, 120 degree FOV lens. This may look impressive but you will still only be getting the same 2x zoom as before. However, they can capture a wider shot. Each lens is calibrated individually with module to module alignment. 


There is a Night Mode as well, from what I have read it makes me believe it is similar to some other smart phones night mode.  Taking usebable shots in extreme low light making it for a much better photograph compared to previous models.


As far as video is concerned, all three iPhones (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max) record in 4K at up to 60fps.  The featured audio zoom allows the microphone to focus on the subject as you zoom and has a brighter True Tone flash, and the new QuickTake video which lets you hold the shutter to switch to video mode quicker.


The New A13 Bionic Processor is being described as faster than a CPU and the fastest of the GPU’s.  Knowing this means that either phone should be fast no matter which phone you decide to go with.


All 3 models have had an upgrade to last years front camera.  With a new feature called “selfies” which allows you to take video selfies at 120fps.  The upgrade from the 7MP front camera to all three iPhones include a 12mp, f/2.2 aperture camera.


The battery life for the Iphone 11 is 1 hour longer than its predecessor the iPhone XR.  The iPhone 11 Pro has 4 hours longer than the Iphone XS and the Iphone Pro Max has 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max.


Charging the phones both have wireless charging on board as well as a fast charging 12W or higher power adapter.  However, only the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max have included an 18W charger in the box. IPhone 11 owners will need to purchase one, as their phone only comes with the same 5W power adapter.


The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max Audio have taken audio even further than its predecessor having a feature spatial audio, a 3D sound model made possible bz a new sound visualizer.  A Dolby Atmos support, which should sound crisper, clearer and more immersive on all of the new iPhones. The phone has 2 small speakers however, the difference in quality is not HomePod quality but sound has improved.


All the iPhones since the iPhone X has all the Face ID for 3D facial recognition.  It basically works the same, however Apple says it is 30 percent faster and better at recognition from farther distances.  


The iPhone 11 comes in 64GB, 124GM and 256GB and the price is $699, $749 and $849, the iPhone 11 Pro comes in 64GB, 256GM and 512GM and price is $999, $1,149 and $1,349 and the iPhone Pro Max comes in 64GB, 250GM and 512GB and prices are $1,099, $1,249 and $1,449.  Apple has reintroduced the colors from the iPhone XR. Making a return with black, white, red and yellow with the debut of the pastel purple and green. On the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Promax you can choose between the usual space gray, silver and gold with the debut of a new dark “Midnight” green color joining the color wheel.  


All three phones are rated the highest IP68 water resistance, meaning they can be dropped into 2 meters of water for up to 30 minutes with no issues.  The iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max up the protection with 4 meters of water to get great photos while scuba diving.


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